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Linda Riseley 

The pinnacle Linda Riseley's career was being invited to participant in the Woman's Essence show in Venice (Italy) (in collaboration with the Offical Bangladesh Pavilion). 

With five Solo shows and over one hundred Australian and International group shows, Linda is determined to reach out with her art and make a difference in the world. From a billboard in Time Square to artworks showing in the Louvre Linda's art knows no boundarys!  

She is also known for her Projection Art, Short films and Animations.  Linda has been printed in various Art books and Magazines.  The Los Angeles Centre for Digital Art (USA) represents her unique artworks along with Queen Art Studio (Italy), P1 Design (Australia), Abbot Art (NY) (USA) and Compagnia Artisti e Autori (Turin, Italy) and Compagnia Artisti e Autori (Turin) (Italy).  This is not a full listing of the events her art has been in.


2016, Casanova Award, Venezia in Art, Flangini Palace, Venice Italy

2014, Alexander Museum Palace Hotel, PREMIO ART EXPO, Pesaro Italy

2013, Material Girl, Peoples Choice Award

2012, University of Tasmania Best Photographer Award

2011, MyArtSpace Award (less than 5% of people were awarded and it was world wide!)

2012, Artist Wanted, Feature Artist Award

2012, ArtSlant, Showcase Award

2011, Stella Award, DigitalArts California

2011, ArtSlant, Showcase Award


Worlds most important Artists 

Art Takes Miami Book 2013
One Life Book 2013

Australian Art Collector Jan - March 2011 P.252
Australian Art Collector 2010  P.240

Art Almanac (Australian) x3

Art Guide
The Culture



2002 Bachelor of Computing, University of Tasmania

2011 Associate Degree of Arts, University of Tasmania,

2012 Cert lV Visual Art, TAFE Tasmania,


2013 Solo Exhibition Smithton, Tasmania, Australia,

2013 Solo Exhibition Digital Arts Hub, Tasmania, Australia,

2010 Solo Exhibition Brunswick Street Gallery Melbourne, Australia, 

2009 Solo Exhibition Brunswick Street Gallery Melbourne, Australia

2009 Solo Exhibition ArtsAlive Launceston, Australia


2019, Artbox Gallery,  Zürich, Switzerland   

2019, MUSE International Art Space, Venice, Italy

2019, LCDA, Los Angeles, USA

2018, Karyn Mannix Art Gallery, Art Basel, Miami, USA

2018, Queen Art Studio, Italy

2018, Soho Art House NYC, USA

2018, BOAA - Biennale of Australian Art 2018, Australia

2018, LCDA, Los Angeles, USA

2018, We are women! Germany

2017, Soho Art House, NYC, USA

2017, Member  Exhibition, LCDA, Los Angeles, USA

2016,  Soho Art House, NYC, USA

2016, Venezia in Art, Flangini Palace, Venice Italy

2015, Soho Art House, NYC, USA

2015, THE Louvre (SEEME Expose), Paris, France

2015, Art Monaco 2015, Monte-CarloMonaco

2015, Liquid Identities, Venice, Italia 

2014, THE LOUVRE, Paris, France

2014, Alexander Museum Palace Hotel, Pesaro, Italy ,

2014, Virion Bennalie, Australia

2014, Soho Art House, NYC, USA,

2014, Art Monaco 2014, Monte-Carlo Monaco

2014, Material Girl, Tasmania, Australia

2013, LCDA, Los Angeles, USA

2013, Soho Gallery for Digital Art NYC, USA

2013, The Manhattan, Tasmania, Australia

2013, THE LOUVRE, Paris, France

2013, Material Girl year tour, Tasmania, Australia

2013, Globa Art, Bari, Italia

2013, Soho Gallery for Digital Art NYC, USA

2013, The Manhattan Bar, Tasmania, Australia

2013, Material Girl, Tasmania, Australia

2013, Arts Hub, Tasmania, Australia

2013, LCDA, Los Angeles, USA

2013, Galeria de Arte, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (permanent display)

2013, ART EN FEMENÍ, Barcelona, Spain

2013, Co-Lab Project Space, Austin, USA

2013, Space Womb, NYC, USA

2013, The Goat Farm Art Center, Atlanta, USA

2013, London Underground billboard, London, UK

2013, Brooklyn Art Library, Brooklyn, USA

2013, Liquid Identities, Venice, Italia (at Carnival time!)

2013, Expose, New Orleans, USA (Super Bowl & Mardi Gras time a large billboard)

2013, Los Angeles Centre for Digital Art, Los Angeles, USA

2012, Falls Festival, Tasmania, Australia

2012, Space Womb, New York City, USA

2012, NAA Festival, Barceló’s, Portugal

2012, Liquid Identities, Istanbul, Turkey

2012, AIXÒ ÈS UN CIRC!!  ESTO ES UN CIRCO!!  Barcelona, Spain 

2012, PANORAMA MIX Barcelona, Spain

2012, Worcester Arts, Worcester, UK

2012, Soho Gallery for Digital Art, NYC, USA

2012, ECCE ARTIST Rome, Italia

2012, Space Womb, New York City, USA

2012, University of Tasmania Art Gallery, Tasmania, Australia

2012,  Moores Hill Vineyard, Tasmania, Australia

2012, Liquid Identities Venice, Italia

2012, Billboard Art, Atlanta GA, USA

2012, Billboard Art, IL, USA

2012, Soho20 Chelsea, NYC, USA

2012, Billboard Art, Albany, NY, USA

2012, Space Womb Gallery, NYC, USA

2012, Artists Take Time Square NYC, USA

2012, University of Tasmania Gallery, Tasmania, Australia

2012, Kurt Seligman Collage, New York, USA

2012, Take 1 Cinema, Portugal

2012, 5Blanks, Wörthsee, Germany

2012, Women in Art4 Travelling exhibition (Uruguay

2012, Colorado Mesa University, Colorado, USA

2012, Gift Gifts, Columbia, Spain

2012, Museo Historico Uruguay  (Art & Film part of Museum collection)

2012, Women’s Secrets & Confidences Spain & Columbia

2012, Art-Esencia - Cosas de Mujeres, Madrid, Spain

2012, Art-Esencia , Barcelona, Spain

2012, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

2011, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

2011, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

2011, Regional Arts Tasmania touring exhibition Tasmania, Australia

2011, Burnie Regional Art Gallery, Burnie, Tasmania

2011, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

2011, Amnesty International exhibition, Tap Gallery, Sydney, Australia

2010, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

2010, CAST Gallery, Hobart, Australia

2010, pigmentGallery, Melbourne, Australia

2010, St Patrick’s College Gallery, Ballart, Australia

2010, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne, Australia

2010, Red Gallery Yarra Ranges, Australia

2010, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

2010, TAP, Sydney, Australia

2010,  pigmentGallery, Melbourne, Australia

2009,  Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne Australia

2009, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

2009, pigmentGallery, Melbourne, Australia

2009, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

2009, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

2009, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

2008, ArtsAlive  Gallery, Launceston, Australia

Film Screenings

2012,  StreetsAlive, Distortions, Tasmania, Australia

2010, Butterfly foundation, pigment Gallery, Distortions

2010, Brunswick Street Gallery, Cycles of Us, Me, Alaya, You, Letting Go, Flow

2010, Gertrude Street Projection Festival, Cycles of Us, Me, Alaya, You, Samara.

2010, Williams Town Contemporary Arts Festival, Distortions

2009, Brunswick Street Gallery “Distortions”

2009, Gertrude Street Projection Festival (Melbourne) - Distortions, Alpha, Beta and Wake Up!

2009, Brunswick Street Gallery Distortions, Forever Rain, Alpha, Beta, Your World is Flat, Wonderful and May Day

2009, ArtsAlive Forever Rain, Your World is Flat, Wonderful, May Day and Existential Angst-interaction art.

2009, Distortions & No Body Sees- Brunswick Street Gallery

2008, No Body Sees: Moving Image: ArtsAlive

2006, Cowtext: (collaboration) Island film festival

2006, Honest John: seditious intent- travelled around Australia to all capital cities

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