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Yes. We love art a lot.

Linda's artworks evoke a sense calm and serenity. In times like this when we are stuck inside, it’s lovely to have beautiful art like hers hanging around the house. It reminds us of the beauty of the outside world.

Laurence HarrimanCustomer

Linda's artwork brings me so much joy and peace. The calming blue waves, the light and the sheer size. I'm so thankful for it everyday.

Petra QCustomer

I'm usually not a fan of abstract but Linda's art always has so much movement and fluidity.

Lyn CowleCustomer

I enjoy explaining her artwork when friends can't help but ask. It is such a beautiful statement piece.

Anthony RicciCustomer

I own several of her works. Each one has its own personality. I love them so much! They bring colour to my home.

Sarah SCustomer

I don't just see art as an investment, I see it as a way of living with a slice of unique creativity every day!

Gabriel ToussaintCustomer

Linda is a delight and this is portrayed in her dynamic and unique style, which I found myself inexorably drawn to. I'm very proud to have two of Linda's artworks, and time and again find myself reflecting on the richness of their story.

Danielle RodgersCustomer

Art Talks Book

This is not another Personal Development book!

Welcome to a truly remarkable discovery: The discovery that you are creative and that this creativity that may have laid dormant or repressed in your western logical busyness.

Join me in this entertaining and exciting adventure, not to a distant place, but to the core of your heart.

The vehicle we will be taking is Art and Creativity. The creativity that you’ve always had, and can now fully engage as your confidante and coach.

Soon to be published here!

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