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Linda Riseley Powerhouse Gallery - Dreams Come True!

Nestled in the picturesque town of Tenterfield, NSW, our dreams are taking shape as we unveil our brand-new gallery space. Tenterfield, with its rich history and natural allure, captured our hearts from the start. And when we stumbled upon the old Powerhouse building, it felt like destiny—the perfect canvas for our vision.

Our journey has been one of renovation and restoration, breathing new life into this historic gem with the help of our talented local tradespeople. From banishing asbestos to revealing the beauty of the original iron beams, every detail has been a labour of love. We are currently closed for more renovations!

Our soft opening was pure magic. From the enchanting melodies of a pipe band leading guests into the main gallery to a mesmerising fashion parade and soulful tunes by singer Mitch Smith, the atmosphere was electric. Who could forget the graceful movements of Ava, the silk dancer, captivating everyone's hearts?

But the true star of the evening? Our very own boutique sparkling wine, aptly named 'Tears of My Haters,' crafted in collaboration with the esteemed Balancing Heart Vineyard. Paired with delectable treats from the Tenterfield Autumn Festival and savoury delights from a specialty food caravan, it was a feast for the senses.

The gallery itself showcased art from artists from around the globe. Projectors illuminated the walls and a screen on the stage captivated us all with their inspirational creations. 

There were mesmerising works of guest artist and filmmaker, Natalie Palomo.  Amidst it all, my own creations stood tall—massive paintings spanning 4.30m by 2.15m, alongside an array of my abstract artworks.

The outpouring of support and admiration on opening night was overwhelming, reaffirming that we're on the right path. But this is just the beginning of our journey. So, stay tuned as we continue to bring art, culture, and creativity to the heart of Tenterfield. 

Our gallery is currently closed for extensive renovations!

Keep an eye open on our socials for more details.