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Fight like a Tassie Devil!

Be like the Tassie Devil people of the world! Tassie Devils have perceived cantankerous ways, belie a ferocious determination and a never-give-up-no-matter-what attitude!

If there's one thing unique about growing up in Tasmania (Australia) it is our wildlife. Yes our little animals can truly pack a punch when it comes to cuteness with a dangerous edge.

Take for instance, the little creature called the Tasmanian Devil. Growing up they were everywhere in the surrounding scrub lands.

Unfortunately a disease called Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD) has been wiping them out. It's a merciless cruel painful disease yet true to their nature the Tassie Devils keep fighting back. They eat and scavenge, fight relentlessly among each other yet as a collective whole they are being truly tested like never before. The deadly disease is taking its toll on the population as is the risk of habitat loss.

That's why I decided to exhibit an artwork about the Tasmanian Devil in the Louvre. Yes that Louvre Museum in Paris. One of the boldest actions by the curator was to allow this painting to be shown. This is a conservative high calibre, prestigious, world art event. The curator: Dr Maria Grazia Todaro of Queen Art studio has always supported my work but I knew this was pushing our friendship.

You see I took this risky art choice. Risky because I'm not known for oil painting and it’s not what collectors of my art would consider a good investment, or something they’d like staring at them on their wall. I had to do a painting because a photograph would have been too confronting for anyone to look at. I wanted people to see the determination and pleading for help in the devil’s eyes.